Iowa to Tucker on the Hood

Nine of us paddled the Hood at 1200 cfs on May 20, 2012. Heather Matthews from BC was down for the weekend, plus we had new members Bob Pool and Ed Bourguignon. Also in the group: David Pool, Denny Egner (back in the saddle after back surgery), Greg Davenport, Kendall Springer, Audrey Bergsma, and myself. Spotted on the river: One, possibly more, harlequin ducks. You see these fairly often in the spring on this section of the Hood. Amazing swimmers in fast current.This was the first time on this run for Heather, Bob and Ed, who all aced it. The clip of me at the beginning was taken and edited by Greg. The clip at the end of Audz and Heather zipping by the camera was shot by David.

Return to the Hood

Some of the same players and some new ones came back to the Hood a week from my last post to run Dee to Tucker. The water was a little higher (1,375 cfs) and on a slow rise. We had less paddle carnage overall, though one more kayak paddle was broken in the line of duty. There were also fewer out-of-boat experiences. More notable were some extremely good rolls–one of which is in the video. Paddlers included: Doug Chisholm, Greg Davenport, Bill Jordens, Denny Egner, Patrick McCarty, Colm Lengahan, John Maroney, Eric Lindernauer, Audrey Bersgma, and myself.

A Blue Bird Day for Dee to Tucker on the Hood

Looking at the carnage statistics, one might think we ran the Hood at a high level in dense fog. Two broken kayak paddles, one lost canoe paddle, 8 of 12 paddlers swimming at least one drop (some multiple), and one paddler spraining her ankle at the take out. Four paddlers ran Island (Class 4) without scouting as the lead group to set safety, only two (Drew Crisell and I) made it. Truth is, it was a wonderful day on the river with everyone having lots of fun trying challenging lines, safety set in almost all the right places, plenty of scouts, and everyone milking the river and day for all the whitewater and sunshine it could give us. Congrats to Drew, Curt Peterson, Patrick McCarty and myself for staying upright. Even greater congrats to Greg Davenport, Doug Chisholm, Denny Egner, Chad Price, Kevin Lane, Alex McNeily, Karl Dinkelspiel and Audrey Bergsma for pushing it.

Greg’s video of Dee to Tucker on the Hood

Greg Davenport shot, edited and set to music this video of Lower Columbia Canoe Club members running Dee to Tucker on the Hood River in Oregon on February 20, 2011. Level was around 1100 cfs. Participants: Alan Douglass, Patrick McCarty, John Maroney, Alex McNeily, Bill Jordens, Ted Housen, Denny Egner, and of course Greg.