Clackamas–Three Lynx to Carter’s

Greg Davenport coordinated a great trip of 16 boats on the Clack on the last day of June–and contributed some of the stills I used in making the video (see the shots at the end after the raft). Level was 1400 cfs. I’ll try name everyone that was there: Bill Jordens, Audrey Bergsma, Ted Housen, Kathy Cody, Russ Pascoe, John and Matt Loozer (in the Blast and from Idaho), Eric Lindenauer, Ed and Bennett Kornbrath, Chris Watson, Gerry Orr, Denny Egner, Chad Price, Greg and I.

Back to the Clack for More Fun

A week after I posted the last Clack video, even more canoeists joined me for another run. In solo canoes we had Chad Price, Greg Davenport, John Murphy, Murray Johnson, Audrey Bergsma and myself. In a tandem we had Bill Jordens and Alan Douglass. Patrick McCarty and Rob Blickensderfer in their kayaks rounded out the group. I caught a lot of great action, and Greg even got a video of me running Toilet Bowl. What saddens me is what I missed. I captured a capsize of the tandem, but should have kept filming. Alan rolled up with a from-the-water assist from Bill, who then climbed back in the boat. They also later pulled off their first combat tandem roll. (We won’t talk about the lame move they made that flipped them … whoops, I guess I just did.)