Return to the Sandy Gorge

Another great day in the Gorge. This time I label the main rapids, get a better angle on Boulder Rapid, and shoot some of the runs on Revenue Bridge Rapid. Joining me on the river are: Greg Davenport, Ted Housen, Chuck Wilkison, John Maroney, Alan Douglass, Audrey Bergsma.

Two Rivers, Two Canoe Clubs, One Purpose

This is a video of the last weekend in March when the Beaver Canoe Club came down from Vancouver, BC to paddle with the LCCC. More paddlers than I can name. On the Wilson Narrows and the Marmot to Marmot section of the Sandy, we had about 19 paddlers each day. Wilson was 1,000 cfs and the Sandy was 2,100 cfs (Marmot gauge). Lots of great fun and sunshine as temps were in the 70s. My thanks to all the members of the Beavers who made it down for the weekend.

Canoeing the Kilchis

Seven of us paddled the Kilchis on Feb 23. The Wilson gauge was falling from arround 2400 cfs to 2250 cfs while we were on it. Level was great. Driving out in rain and snow there was doubts the forecast for diminishing showers would hold, but once we were on the river, the rain stopped and by lunch we were seeing sun. Paddling that day: Bill Jordens and Bri Condon in the tandem, Karl Dinkelspiel in the yellow Phantom, Terry Miller in the black kayak, Robert Frisbee in the red Ovation, and Audrey Bergsma and me in our orange Preludes.

First Day of the Year Paddle 2013

A hardy group of LCCCers enjoyed the sunshine and braved the cold to celebrate the first day of 2013 with a run down the Bull Run/Sandy rivers. The group included organizer Bill Jordens, plus Ted Housen, John Murphy, Bets Stover, Audrey Bergsma, and Mark Scantlebury. Caught on video: the first roll of the year and first swim of the year.

Canoeing the White Salmon in Early October

One week after the last run in September, a number of us descended on the White Salmon again. In this video, I label some of the major rapids. And you get to see three runs of Husum, including one by Greg Davenport in his C1. He also demonstrates a roll earlier in the video. Other folks on the trip include: Bill Jordens, Murray Johnson, Chad Price, Kendall Springer, Carl Poston, Eleanore Hunter, Denny Egner, and myself. And by the way, that flip by Chad? I must have had too little faith–he rolled.

September 30th on the White Salmon

A group of nine ran the White Salmon at 1.8 feet on the last day of September. The group included Bets Stover making her first solo run of the middle White Salmon and aceing it (then getting bit at Rattlesnake after the falls on the lower section). Also along for the ride: John Murphy, Kevin Lane, Denny Egner, Kendall Springer, Greg Davenport, John Maroney, Audrey Bergsma and myself. We later ran into Terry Miller and his friend Bucky (short clip of Bucky running Staircase).Also ran into Nick Jacobs paddling a Blast with his fiance Kate. Audz got a clip of me going over Husum and I got one of Greg. Cave Wave was in great form. See it all in 4.5 minutes.