Canoeing the Kilchis

Seven of us paddled the Kilchis on Feb 23. The Wilson gauge was falling from arround 2400 cfs to 2250 cfs while we were on it. Level was great. Driving out in rain and snow there was doubts the forecast for diminishing showers would hold, but once we were on the river, the rain stopped and by lunch we were seeing sun. Paddling that day: Bill Jordens and Bri Condon in the tandem, Karl Dinkelspiel in the yellow Phantom, Terry Miller in the black kayak, Robert Frisbee in the red Ovation, and Audrey Bergsma and me in our orange Preludes.

The Kilchis in February

Bill Jordens, Witt Anderson, Murray Johnson, Curt Peterson, Kendall Springer, Ken Keating, Chad Price, Alex McNeily, Audrey Bergsma and I all braved the snow, the rain, and the hail to have a perfectly wonderful day on the Kilchis. It was flowing at a great level. Apparently when the Wilson is slowing dropping (2500 to 2450 cfs while we were on the Kilchis) the Kilchis is prime for play and surfing. Long an advocate of the NF Trask, I’m coming around to agreeing with Carl Poston that the Kilchis might be the most beautiful of the two runs … though its still close.