2015 LCCC Annual North Umpqua Weekend

It was a small crowd this year, but we made up for it with lots of excitement on the river and fun back at camp. Not caught on video was the attempt to move a picnic table with a Z-drag. Let’s just say the Forest Service has nothing currently to worry about in terms of losing any picnic tables to us. We need more practice and a better kit. We moved it an inch. Maybe.

Wind River, Mineral Springs Bridge to Stabler

There’s nothing like Murray for coming up with new runs. This is a surprising 7.5-mile class 1/2 run sandwiched between much harder runs on the Wind. Scenic, relaxing, a nice change of pace. We ran it at 440 cfs, which was a very nice level. We scraped in just a few places. I think 600 cfs would be ideal. There were two or three class 2’s. Unfortunately, the best one was in a rocky gorge and I didn’t get any footage of it because I was upstream shooting people running the lead-in and didn’t know something much better was around the bend. There is a shot of us coming out of the gorge and if you look upstream, you can see some whitewater. For moving water paddlers, my one caution would be there were several places where the main current ran alongside wood–logs. An unskilled paddler could get in trouble in these spots. Everyone in this video was a class III and above paddler and didn’t have any issues with these logs. There was one spot though where the wood and current were tricky enough that two paddlers portaged it. A big thanks to Murray for putting this on the schedule. An equally big thanks for suggesting we convene for a post-paddle conference at the Backwoods Brewery in Carson. Their appropriately titled Logjam IPA is particularly delicious.

Canoe Clinics

The clinics are quickly approaching and we are working hard to organize the classes. If you have not already registered, you should do this as soon as possible. A number of classes are almost full even as far out as the July 25-26 Advanced Whitewater Clinics. Classes will be filled on a first-come first-served basis and there are limited slots so do not miss this opportunity to participate by delaying your decision.

The deadline for the June 6-7 Flat Water/Moving Water Clinics is Friday May 29. This means that David Graf has to have received all registration materials and the associated check by the end of that day. Classes with insufficient participation will be canceled at that time. Late registrations will be accepted only for the remaining classes with openings still available.

So if you have not already registered and are interested in participating in one of the LCCC’s exciting classes, please do not hesitate any longer or the opportunity to improve your skills and enjoyment of the sport of paddling will be delayed for another year.

For more details please visit http://www.l-ccc.org/classes.php