Summertime on the North Umpqua

When it’s summer in the city, the best place to head is a river. In the last weekend of June, the North Umpqua looked particularly enticing and Michael Allender organized a trip. Twelve LCCC members headed south and paddled several sections. This video only shows us running Boulder, Eiffel Tower and Pinball rapids. Level was 800 cfs.

Canoeing the Kilchis

Seven of us paddled the Kilchis on Feb 23. The Wilson gauge was falling from arround 2400 cfs to 2250 cfs while we were on it. Level was great. Driving out in rain and snow there was doubts the forecast for diminishing showers would hold, but once we were on the river, the rain stopped and by lunch we were seeing sun. Paddling that day: Bill Jordens and Bri Condon in the tandem, Karl Dinkelspiel in the yellow Phantom, Terry Miller in the black kayak, Robert Frisbee in the red Ovation, and Audrey Bergsma and me in our orange Preludes.

2013 Sweetheart Paddle

Once again, Mary Ann Jordens arranged a great Sweetheart Paddle and brought the treats. This year we returned to our 2010 venue, the East Fork of the Lewis, which was around 700 cfs. Amidst the clouds, rain, and breaks of sun, we even had a little adventure involving logs and a canoe. Fortunately, the Sweethearts in the canoe swam out long before the logs and just a little damage was done to the canoe. Paddling that day: Bri Condon, Greg Davenport, Patty Brooks, Bob and Karen Williams, Bill and Mary Ann Jordens, Jim and Jan Bollermann, Mike Keating and Mary Ella Kuster, Laurent and Nina Rochette, and Audrey Bergsma and Mark Scantlebury.

Fall Canoeing on the Clackamas

Eight of us took advantage of a wonderful October day to go paddle the Clackamas and see the fall colors. We put in at Sunrise and took out above Bob’s Hole. Paddlers were Bill Jordens, John Maroney, Carol Schmidt, Bets Stover, Denny Egner, Ted Housen, Audrey Bergsma and me. In the video, you’ll see Ted flip in his kayak. Unfortunately, what you won’t see is his first combat roll. The cameraman, who was also the safety guy, turned off the camera and got ready to throw a rope, but Ted smoothly resurfaced and paddled on. Sweet.