April on the Breitenbush

A contingent from the Lower Columbia Canoe Club runs the Breitenbush River in Oregon at 580 cfs. This video shows only the four drops we stop and scout. The Slot and the Notch are the first two rapids and come early in the run. Miles of fun rapids later we get out and scout the rapid before Woo-Man-Chew and then run it. Only one of our party runs the final big rapid, Woo-Man-Chew. Congrats, Dale.

Beating Around the Breitenbush at 400cfs

MurrayJohnson, Teresa Gryder, Will Gehr, Kevin Lane, Robert Frisbee and I all paddled the Breitenbush at what’s probablly its bottom level last Saturday (July 14). Great fun was had by all and I managed to hop out of the boat and shoot some video and photos on a few of the drops. It was my first time down the B’Bush and I don’t know why I waited so long. It’s a very fun run with lot of short ledge drops, most of which are easily scouted by hopping out of your boat. At this level, it’s probably a Class 4-. At higher water, I’ve been told the holes get retentive. On Saturday, we could just bust through them.