Autumn Romp on the Clackamas

At 550 cfs, the Clack is still a lot of fun with some good surf waves and lots of rock dodging, particularly on Roaring River and Toilet Bowl rapids. A certain kayaker goes rogue by hopping in a yellow Ocoee. This video is a little heavy on the swim side, though this paddler and some of the others caught in these compromising situations actually had great days making the lines everywhere else.

2015 LCCC Annual North Umpqua Weekend

It was a small crowd this year, but we made up for it with lots of excitement on the river and fun back at camp. Not caught on video was the attempt to move a picnic table with a Z-drag. Let’s just say the Forest Service has nothing currently to worry about in terms of losing any picnic tables to us. We need more practice and a better kit. We moved it an inch. Maybe.