Paddling the Lower Lower White Salmon

This video shows nine of the LCCC’s finest paddling the Lower Lower White Salmon River nearly four years after the dam was removed (October 2011). The video begins with a little warmup on the Lower White Salmon. You’ll see clips of running Rattlesnake Rapid and paddlers surfing Cave Wave. Then the video follows the paddlers as they start down the Lower Lower and paddle what was once covered by reservoir. Eventually the group reaches Steelhead Falls where everyone portages but one paddler — David Pool. David runs the rapid, gets swallowed by a hole, claws his way out, and miraculously manages to have the presence of mind to rescue one of the paddlers’ paddle which was stuck against the same right wall where he ends up. (True confession: It was Audrey’s and a certain videographer dropped it while portaging her canoe.)

Steelhead Falls is followed by another beautiful basalt gorge. The group paddles through it and then several more rapids before hitting a stretch of moving water that takes us to the takeout at the confluence with the Columbia River (not shown). Level was 1.25 feet according to the gauge at Husum. Participants included David, Bob, Liane, Teresa, Will, John, Chuck, Audrey and Mark.