A More Complete Video of the Sandy Gorge

This time I went all out in trying to capture the beauty and fun of this great run. Eleven of us ran it and as usual had a great time on all its rapids, including the biggies–Boulder, Drain Hole and Revenue. Audrey has named a rapid that comes before Boulder “Humpty Dumpty” because it’s plenty humpy and it has dumped many in its time. See if you can pick which one that is out. Might be hard because no one dumped in it and so many of the rapids are filled with rocky humps.

Last Run of the Sandy Gorge Before Summer?

Six of us did the Sandy Gorge at 580 cfs. I wasn’t planning on shooting a video, but pulled out the camera to get Denny running the first drop and then shot some runs of Boulder Drop and Drain Hole. In addition to Denny, paddlers included Ted, Laurie, Audrey, Alex and myself. With luck, maybe there will be enough water next weekend …