November on the Salmonberry

Kendall Springer had a great idea to run the Salmonberry before the time change and 11 of us joined him on Saturday, November 1. Level was low–1440 cfs on the Wilson River gauge and 3000 cfs on the Nehalem. But after two miles, the North Fork comes in and doubles the level. Only Ken Ambrosini ran Chew Chew, the biggest rapid on the run and he pulled off a magnificent roll just when he needed it. It turned into a rather expensive day for Audrey and I as we both cracked our canoes. C’est la vie. Others on the run included Stephen Duff, Ted Housen, Alex McNeily, Paul Norman, Denny Egner, Will Gehr, Kevin Lane, and Coby Muckelroy. A big thanks to Kendall for figuring out the timing of a tricky shuttle. Awards for bravery in the face of danger go to the drivers that drove back up steep, slippery Beaverslide Road in the dark. And to think we were biting nails over Chew Chew.