Paddling the Breitenbush

Eight LCCC members paddled the Breitenbush on Saturday, May 24. Level was 670 cfs and falling. This is a good moderate level, though the hole at Woo-Man-Chew looked nasty. Six of us portaged, but Denny Egner and Bob Pool found a creative way to run the right side of the drop. This video hardly begins to show all the action there is on this 8-mile classic Class 4 run or the beauty of it. Big thanks to Kendall Springer for organizing.

Dee to Tucker on the Hood

I wasn’t really intending to do a video of this run, but I shot some photos and clips. Then David Pool send me some of his helmet cam video clips and I decided to try making a short video combining the two. At some points in this video, you’ll feel like you’re right on top of David’s head as he boofs rocks, runs rapids, and surfs holes. Level was 1200 cfs.

Paddling Crabtree Creek

17 of us ran Crabtree Creek in the Mid-Willamatte Valley on Saturday, May 10th. The Crabtree level by Pat Welch calculation (algorithm) was 1500 cfs; the level of nearby Thomas Creek was 1200 cfs. This was a moderately high level, by my reckoning. Class rating is 2+(3). The biggest hazard is wood. We had to do one easy portage, one log duck, and several smart channel choices to make it down the creek. There were at least two Class 3 drops. One was notable for a Murray Johnson rope trick. He pulled out two swimmers with one rope throw. Special thanks to Murray for organizing and to Laurie Pavey and Anthony Boesen for providing river guidance on the water.

Two Runs with the Beaver Canoe Club

In addition to the White River, the LCCC also ran the Dodge to Oxbow section of the Sandy and the Packsaddle section of the North Santiam with the Beaver Canoe Club. All were true open boat fests. I posted the White video already, but it took me a while to get around to the Sandy and North Santiam.