November on the Bull Run and Sandy Rivers

Five open canoes and four kayaks caught a little bit of last fall color this past weekend. The Bull Run was at 400 cfs and the Sandy was getting beefy at 10.3 feet. Shortly after we got off the Bull Run, it started a fast climb up to 1900 cfs. Paddlers included: Ted Housen, Bruce Thompson, Bill Jordens, Robert Frisbee, Carl Poston, Ray Koleser (from Anchorage), Alan Douglass, Will Gehr (in a kayak!) and myself.

Catching the Upper Kalama During Hunting Season

When the gates are open, the paddlers will play. Not only was the LCCC on the river, but we ran into a pod of 15 other paddlers and then a pair of kayakers later–30 people on the river including our group of 13. In this video you’ll see Ken Keating, Bill Jordens, Will Gehr, Bruce Thompson, Ted Housen, Alex McNeily, Gerry Orr, Chris Watson, Kendall Springer, Karl Dinkelspiel, Greg Davenport and Jim Coker. To determine if the Kalama has enough water, we go by the flow of the EFL, which was running 970 and dropping. This turned out to be a great level with lots of excellent surf waves.