An October Day on the White Salmon River

A posse of us ran the White Salmon on October 27th in canoes and kayaks. It was the first run for Steve Rentmeester, Bri Condon and Coby Muckelroy, who all aced it. But it was the club’s first couple that really distinquished themselves. Keep your eyes on the orange Preludes.

October Paddle Around Bachelor Island

Mary Ann Jordens took advantage of the high pressure system parked over Oregon to organize an imprompu trip around Bachelor Island in the Columbia River. More than a dozen paddlers proved they could be impromptu as well. Like Gillian Welch’s “Miss Ohio” (listen to the music choice), we all proved we could ignore our responsibilities for a day and ride around with the “top down,” or in our case in our open boats–though admittedly some in our number paddled those long, skinny things that require skirts.

Fall on the Clackamas

We got approximately 13 club paddlers out for this run of the Three Lynx to Carter Bridge section of the Clackamas. Usual assortment of canoes, kayaks and IKs. Level was around 1180cfs, the sun was out, the leaves were turning, and the rapids were fun. What was not to like?

Paddling the Wilson Narrows in October

13 LCCCers took advantage of the early fall rains and sunny weekend to do a run of the Narrows on October 6. I had a new used camera bought off eBay that ended up working intermittently, so I caught some folks and missed some others. Out enjoying the sunny October day: Bill and Bri in the tandem canoe, Ken Keating in the IK, Travis Hussey in the orange Detonator canoe, Chuck Wilkison in the teal Viper canoe, Chad Price in the black Zephyr canoe, Mark and Audz in the matching orange Prelude canoes, and in kayaks: Coby Muckelroy, Dale Davidson, Kevin Lane, Denny Egner, and Kendall Springer. Level was around 1180 cfs. Sweet day on the river!