Return to the Sandy Gorge

Another great day in the Gorge. This time I label the main rapids, get a better angle on Boulder Rapid, and shoot some of the runs on Revenue Bridge Rapid. Joining me on the river are: Greg Davenport, Ted Housen, Chuck Wilkison, John Maroney, Alan Douglass, Audrey Bergsma.

Sandy Gorgeous

Denny Egner organized a great trip on the Sandy Gorge, a classic Oregon run. LCCC members on the run besides Denny: Coby Muckelroy, Cliff Debride, Robert Frisbee, Konstantin Toskiy, Chad Price, Chuck Wilkison, Bill Blatner, Audrey Bergsma and Mark Scantlebury (seen only running Drain). Level was around 630 cfs. I missed some good stuff. I blew an eddy and didn’t get in the best position to shoot Boulder rapid, but got people coming out of the end of it. Also, my memory card filled up before we got to Revenue rapid, so there’s no footage of that. Guess I’ll have to go back and shoot it all again. Sweet.

Celebrating Summer on the North Santiam

A group of 18 LCCC members and friends paddled Packsaddle to Mill City on July 6 under blue skies and warm sun. The main rapids featured are Spencers, Carnivore and Mill City Falls, but there’s lots of other action as well. Special kudos to Jake Springer (white helmet, IK) for his first solo run of Packsaddle.

Canoeing the John Day

A group of former and current LCCC members paddled the Clarno to Cottonwood section in June. Level at put-in date was 850 cfs. By the time we took out, it was 650 cfs. On the trip: Mark and Leland Scantlebury, Audrey Bersgma, John Murphy, Bill Jordens, Bri Condon, and Brent and Tyrae Mahan.