Short Video from April 6 on the NF Trask

I wasn’t really looking to shoot a video, but came home with a few clips anyway. Most of this video is the rapid we call Landslide which has gotten easier over the years. I also pulled out the camera at a drop below Landslide. The NF Trask has a succession of four very fun drops after Landslide. Participants: Audrey Bergsma, Ted Housen, Kevin Lane, Rob Eliot (great to see you out there, Rob!), Kendall Springer, Robert Frisbee, Denny Egner, John Maroney, and Eric Lindenauer. Murray Johnson’s car got a flat on the notorious Trash roads, site of many a flat, and he ended up dealing with that and the poor excuse many cars these days have for a spare. Thanks for taking one for the team, Murray.

Two Rivers, Two Canoe Clubs, One Purpose

This is a video of the last weekend in March when the Beaver Canoe Club came down from Vancouver, BC to paddle with the LCCC. More paddlers than I can name. On the Wilson Narrows and the Marmot to Marmot section of the Sandy, we had about 19 paddlers each day. Wilson was 1,000 cfs and the Sandy was 2,100 cfs (Marmot gauge). Lots of great fun and sunshine as temps were in the 70s. My thanks to all the members of the Beavers who made it down for the weekend.