Remembering Don Griffiths

Don Griffiths was an open boat paddler in McCall, Idaho, and a member of the Lower Columbia Canoe Club. On July 13th, while paddling the Cabarton run on the Payette, Don flipped and swam to shore. Once there, he suffered a heart attack and died. He was 63. He’ll be missed by his family and his extended family of paddlers that shared his love of rivers. The video features a song Don particularly liked. This version is by Jil Caplan.

Beating Around the Breitenbush at 400cfs

MurrayJohnson, Teresa Gryder, Will Gehr, Kevin Lane, Robert Frisbee and I all paddled the Breitenbush at what’s probablly its bottom level last Saturday (July 14). Great fun was had by all and I managed to hop out of the boat and shoot some video and photos on a few of the drops. It was my first time down the B’Bush and I don’t know why I waited so long. It’s a very fun run with lot of short ledge drops, most of which are easily scouted by hopping out of your boat. At this level, it’s probably a Class 4-. At higher water, I’ve been told the holes get retentive. On Saturday, we could just bust through them.

Clackamas–Three Lynx to Carter’s

Greg Davenport coordinated a great trip of 16 boats on the Clack on the last day of June–and contributed some of the stills I used in making the video (see the shots at the end after the raft). Level was 1400 cfs. I’ll try name everyone that was there: Bill Jordens, Audrey Bergsma, Ted Housen, Kathy Cody, Russ Pascoe, John and Matt Loozer (in the Blast and from Idaho), Eric Lindenauer, Ed and Bennett Kornbrath, Chris Watson, Gerry Orr, Denny Egner, Chad Price, Greg and I.