North Fork of the Trask

Thirteen members of the LCCC paddled the NF Trask at 2200 on a chilly January 28th. All agreed it was a great level with some excellent surfing. On the trip: Patty Bolden, Brianne Condon, Bill Jordens, Cliff DeBride and his friend Ben, Curt Peterson, Greg Davenport, Eric Lindenauer, David Poole, Kendall Springer, Ken Keating, Audrey Bergsma, and myself.

A January Day on the Wilson Narrows

On January 7, fourteen of us gathered on the banks of the Wilson and ran the section known as the Narrows–MP 18 to MP 12. The actual Narrows is a small slot with deep turbulent water. Level was around 1800 cfs and actually made the entry rapid to the Narrows easier. On the trip, first names only, were: Curt, Terry, Susan, Leon, Denny, Karl, Dee, Kendall, Greg, Eric, Paul, Alex, John, and myself. Another excellent day on the water and planet Earth.

First Paddle of the Year

Once again Bill Jordens hosted the first paddle of the year. This time it was on one of his favorite runs, the Devil’s Lake Fork of the Wilson, and he pulled out all stops, giving us a perfect level (3600 cfs) and even some sun. But what you all want to know is whether there was a first swim of the year and if you’re off the hook. But to find out that you’ll have to wait for the February newsletter. So send in those dues checks to make sure you get your copy and the full account of the day. Paddling on 1/1/12: Audrey Bergsma, Mark Scantlebury, Ken Keating, Greg Davenport, Kendall Springer, Bill, and special guest paddler Kris Knight from the Paddle Trails Canoe Club (Seattle). There was another group on the Kilchis that was coordinated by Carl Poston that included his new tandem partner Eleanore, plus Karl Dinkelspiel, Ted Housen, Leon Aliski, Tom and Blake McCord, and Jim Coker. Here’s a short video of the action on the DLF of the Wilson.