Paddling the Sandy Gorge

This is a video mash of two successive weekends running the Sandy Gorge. Levels were low–500 and 450 cfs by the Sandy River at Marmot gauge. Perfect time to try it. The common denominators were myself, Greg Davenport, and Denny Egner. Joining us on one weekend or the other were Kevin Lane, Dee Brodigan, Audrey Bergsma, Chris Watson, Gerry Orr, and a kayaker named Craig Hermes who I didn’t get much footage of. A particularly gnarly-looking drop is at the end. It’s called Revenue and is a forest of rocks. There’s a great slot though if you can make the first move into it. Scouting from shore, the view of this slot is blocked by several rocks so it’s an act of faith that it’s there and you can make it down it. Perhaps that’s why I chose the gospel song.

Paddling the Devil’s Lake Fork of the Wilson

A group of club members ran this section of the Wilson on the last weekend in November. Level was around 3400 cfs and perfect for a first run of the season of this hard-to-catch-at-a-good-level section. Paddlers included Bill Jordens, Audrey Bergsma, Carl Poston, Kevin Lane, Murray Johnson, Jim Coker, Kendall Springer, myself, Scott Holmberg (a guest paddler from Colorado), plus a cameo appearance from Colm Lenaghan.

Paddling the Sandy in December

To celebrate Ted Housen’s birthday, a group of us joined him on a paddle from Dodge to Oxbow on the Sandy. Level was 1700 cfs, temperatures were below 40, and the sunshine that followed us all day made it feel warmer than that. Must have been in celebration of Ted. The crew included Audrey Bergsma, Bill Jordens, Dave Graf, Dick Sisson, Rob Eliot, myself, Ted, Carl Poston, and new bow paddler, Eleanor (welcome to the LCCC!).