Fall Canoeing on the Clackamas

Eight of us took advantage of a wonderful October day to go paddle the Clackamas and see the fall colors. We put in at Sunrise and took out above Bob’s Hole. Paddlers were Bill Jordens, John Maroney, Carol Schmidt, Bets Stover, Denny Egner, Ted Housen, Audrey Bergsma and me. In the video, you’ll see Ted flip in his kayak. Unfortunately, what you won’t see is his first combat roll. The cameraman, who was also the safety guy, turned off the camera and got ready to throw a rope, but Ted smoothly resurfaced and paddled on. Sweet.

Short Video of a 3-Week Trip on the Nahanni

Seven members of the LCCC and three lapsed members paddled the Nahanni River in Canada’s Northwest Territories from the Moose Ponds to Lindberg Landing in July 2011. This is 350 miles of paddling, including nearly 30 miles of nearly continuous class II and III whitewater. This video is a 6.5-minute long condensed version of the trip. A 40-minute video can be found at: http://www.vimeo.com/27833640. Paddlers included Dennis Deck, Witt Anderson, Brent and Tyrae Mahan, Dave and Laurie Robinson, Bob and Karen Williams, Audrey Bergsma, and myself.