North Umpqua Weekend 2011

This year’s North Umpqua Weekend was another great success with nearly 50 paddlers coming together to paddle one of Oregon’s great whitewater rivers. Flow for this time of year was a generous 1,030 cfs. Most paddlers chose to do the Boulder Flats section on Saturday and the Horseshoe to Gravel Bin section the next day–and that’s the order of the video. Special thanks to Russ Pascoe for another great year of organizing this event and to Rollie Toevs and his son Alex for grilling the salmon for Saturday’s feast.

Paddling the White Salmon @ 2.1 feet

Nothing like an end of summer run on the White Salmon once the raft traffic is gone. This video has four runs of the Husum. Taking on the falls are Teresa Gryder, Will Gehr, Greg Davenport and Colm Lenaghan. Other paddlers that day included Carol Schmidt (caught only once on video and at the wrong time), Kendall Springer, Audrey Bergsma, and myself. BTW, Greg demonstrates a nice roll on Rattlesnake. Plus it should be noted that both he and Teresa rolled after their collision at Top Drop, but by then the cameraman had stopped filming and was ready with the rope.

Labor Day Weekend Paddling

I paddled all three days with various LCCC members and have put together a video of some of the action. The video starts with the Clackamas, running a sweet 800 cfs, moves over the White Salmon running at 2.25 feet, and then shows our Monday return to the Clack. Lots of great paddling. We should do this every year.