Two Runs on the Wilson Narrows

On January 29 and 30, 2011, two different contingents of the club paddled the Wilson Narrows section. The common denominator? The guy with the camera. Special thanks though to Greg Davenport who on Saturday also shot some video. Greg’s video is the wide format stuff. I could have changed the video aspect, but it looked better kept the way it was. Perfection is way overrated. Or maybe this is perfection. Whatever.

Bull Run on 1/1/11

A small but hardy contingent paddled the Bull Run on Jan 1 in below freezing temperatures. There was an excellent writeup of the trip in the February newsletter and I believe it might have made mention that the first swim of the year was for the first time caught on video. In true Bill Jordens’ tradition, the paddler will remain unnamed, Greg, and I won’t mention that you were also our most improved paddler for 2010. It just goes to show just how fast a person can get good when they’re not afraid to try and not afraid to swim.

2010 Year In Review Video

This is the full 30-minute video first shown at the Winter Party. It shows many of the good times and runs the club had in 2010. If you have a slower connection and typically experience halting performance on videos, here’s a tip. Start the video by clicking on it, then right after it begins to play, pause it. Do something else for about 10 minutes, then come back to this screen and click play again. The video will have downloaded while you were productively doing something else, and will now reward you with 30 minutes of reliving some of the best moments of a life well lived.

Lower Columbia Canoe Club 2010 Year In Review from Mark Scantlebury on Vimeo.