Paddling the Upper Kalama (WA)

This video hardly captures all the fun and beauty of the upper Kalama. It’s a hard river to capture. Lots of interestinge gorges, waterfalls, rapids and playspots. We had 18 paddlers last Sunday (Nov 7, 2010) and I tried for a while to stay ahead of at least some of them and shoot video, but finally tired of racing ahead and not getting to play on waves and other fun water features. By lunch, I tucked the camera away for good and was just enjoying the day. I’ll have to shoot a better video another day. Until then, this is a small slice of the fun we had. What a great river!

Paddling Around Bachelor Island

On October 30, a group of us did a circumnavigation of Bachelor Island near the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge on the Columbia River. Dave Graf planned it all perfect. No wind. Tides in our favor. Well, I guess he could have done something about the rain and getting the sun to shine, but you can’t have it all.