Salmon River, Middle Fork-Main Run 2010

This is a video of an August run of these two sections, one right after the other–190 miles total. Paddlers on the Middle were John Murphy, Bets Stover, Denny Egner, Michael Allender, Doug Chisholm, Trisha VanHeltebrake, Audrey Bergsma, Carl Poston, and myself. Four paddlers joined us at Corn Creek to continue down the Main. They were David Janney, Casey Granbois, and Brent and Tyrae Mahan. Level on the Middle Fork was a generous 2.1 feet.

September run of the White Salmon (WA)

Ten of us headed for the White Salmon on the Saturday before Labor Day for a beautiful day of paddling. Hopefully Denny won’t mind me showing a rare miss on his line on Husum. He did an amazing self rescue at the base of the falls and paddled out under his own power. Russ does an amazing plunge himself. Not caught on film (I was racing for a throw rope for Denny–ultimately unnecessary) was Teresa Gryder’s perfect line on Husum.