Old and New on the Little North Santiam

Last weekend we had Bob Bryant in an old Whitesell and Murray Johnson in a new Esquif Raven. Check out the footage of people running Troll’s Teeth. There was also some good surfing that day and a little bit of carnage and excitement on the last major rapid. Someone was asleep at the camera though when Alan Douglass was giving his demonstration on how to surf a kayak. Sorry, Alan, I just caught the pedestrian stuff.

Nehalem Spruce Run

A few of us headed to the Nehalem River on the Brownsmead weekend to get some Class 2 action before the festiviities. I had never done this section before and there is a cool falls near the beginning of the run that you can choose to sneak or not. There are also some other cool features toward the end of the run that unfortunately I was too busy playing on to video. Once the Salmonberry bridge is repaired (rumored to be done this summer), there are more rapids apparently downriver that will make this run even more worthwhile.

Sandy River, Zigzag to Marmot

This is a continuous run like the Salmon River and has a little more gradient (70 fpm). Plenty of action and surf waves if you can catch them. There were 14 of us, but the river is so fast and constant that after the first rapid, I didn’t see many of the others until lunch and then it was the same thing. I’d get out of the boat to shoot some pictures and video and be left far behind. So the video ends up being the Chad Price and Doug Chisholm Show for the most part and both those guys were pulling out some of their best moves.

Salmon River, Oregon

Twelve of us started this run and ten of us finished it. What this tells you is that it’s harder than advertised. In Soggy Sneakers they call it a 2+(3) continuous run of about 7 miles. Paddling Oregon is closer to the mark calling it Class 3 (3+) continuous. The gradient is considerable: 64 fpm. That’s similar to the Ollalie to Paradise run on the McKenzie or Dee to Tucker on the Hood.

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