Surfing the Molalla (Glen Avon to Freyer Park)

On Saturday April 17th eight of us took a Carl Poston-led tour of the mystery Class 2+ section he described in a recent post “as one of the finest surfing runs” and claimed “it has come back into shape” recovering from the 1996 floods. The verdict: a surf fest indeed. It was spoiled just a little by high water, but the waves were there, just a little harder to get. I really wasn’t intending to shoot any video, but ended up pulling out my camera and shooting some, handing my camera to Meg who took an excellent clip of me (thanks, Meg!). Audz also was experimenting with my old waterproof camera in prep for a trip to Baja. Net result is we had enough video for a short film. My one regret is that no video was shot of a personal acccomplishment for me, my first successful, fully in control surf of Godzilla, the wave towards the end of the run near the bridge. Of course I don’t know what camera jockey would have stuck around for the six attempts it took me. Fortunately, there were witnesses. By the way, the new paddler in the orange Outrage is Aaron from Hood River.

Paddler’s Guide to the Three Bears

Last weekend (April 10) a group of us paddled the Three Bears and I shot video of all the named rapids. I’ve added subtitles to identify them in the video. The one rapid I didn’t get on video was the crux move on Baby Bear. It was ugly, so only Chad and I ran it and we both snuck it far left. Not too exciting. To get the crux part of Baby Bear in the sequence, I took a video from March that I have of Denny running it. Paul Norman and I both ran it clean that day as well, but no video. Another time.