Butte Creek – Scout Camp to Mill City Park

Kendall Springer on Knuckle Buster
Kendall Springer on Knuckle Buster

On May 16, 2009, eight paddlers took on a very low Butte Creek from the Scout Camp down to the Mill City Park. Murray, Mark, Audrey, Robert F., and Alex were in canoes and Kendall, Rob B., and Denny were in kayaks.

Murray Johnson on Knuckle Buster

Murray Johnson on Knuckle Buster

Besides the beautiful weather, highlights of the day included the numerous ledge drops and the run through Knuckle Buster, a technical class IV drop about half way down. Denny, Kendall, and Mark made it though cleanly, but our fearless leader, Murray, managed to do the middle part backwards. We all knew he was simply showing off and making the rest of us wish we had such style.

Rob, Robert, Alex, and Audrey were quite impressive on the many ledges.

Robert Frisbee on Spliting Hairs

Robert Frisbee on Splitting Hairs

And just in… Mark’s latest video production from the same trip:

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