Important: Bakery Alert

Knowing the good restaurants, brewpubs,

ice cream stands, ginger bread stands, espresso stands,

milkshake stands and the like on the way to and from the river is important!

With that in mind, put the Hometown Bakery & Cafe on your list for a stop

the next time you do the Clackamas.  Coming from

Portland, it is in the industrial park on the right before you

get into Estacada.  Excellent pies, cookies, cinnamon

rolls, breads, etc.  Well worth the stop!

Lonely Rock on the Mollala

Did you say sun?
Did you say sun?
This report could have been about numbers, as in number of inflatable kayaks:2; number of canoes: 1; and lamenting about the disappearance of canoe paddlers.
This report could have been about the weather, as in sunshine: yes; snow: yes; rain: yes; and lamenting about the crazy weather we had this winter in Oregon. It’s snowing as I’m writing this.
This report could have been about river and flows, as in river: Mollala; run: from Avon Bridge to Feyrer Park; flow: 1300 cfs; gauge: 12.10 ft, and not lamenting because a bad day on the river is … you know!
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