Classic Canoe class

Great weekend with some enthusiastic new paddlers. The Lower Columbia Canoe Club organized a 2-day clinic to provide instruction for new tandem canoeists. Dave Graf pulled it all together, and we had a great selection of instructors, with Murray Johnson, Patty Brooks, Peter and Veda Keefe, and many many assistants who helped with the clinic, including Nina and Laurent, Bill Jordens, Lora Graf, Ellen and Erin and me.

I took photos Saturday at Lackamas lake where we met on Saturday for the first part of the course. We practiced basic strokes: forward, draw, cross-bow-draw, push-away, pry, and learned to steer the canoe and do a canoe over canoe rescue. We spent quite a bit of time talking about communication, gear, preparation, safety, etc.

We spent most of Sunday on the banks of the Sandy, and got some practices with ferries, eddy turns and peel-outs, using throw ropes, and the basics of reading the river and paddling in moving water.

It was a fun weekend. We had nice weather, not too cold and not too hot, and the students enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and ability to practice and apply new skills was great. All of the instructors and assistants did a great job. We have a new crop of paddlers to enjoy great Oregon/Washington rivers with!

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