Fun on the Bull Run

Nine LCCC paddlers head down the Bull Run on their way to paddling Dodge to Oxbow on the Sandy. Level was 720 cfs on the Bull Run. The video shows several rapids, including the notorious Swingset, a rapid so famous in paddling lore that it has its own official swim team. In fact, you’ll get see its newest member.

2018 LCCC Sweetheart Paddle

Every year in February, the Lower Columbia Canoe Club holds its annual Sweetheart Paddle. This year we added birdwatching to the menu, hence all the binoculars in people’s faces. The trip started at Lewis & Clark State Park on the Sandy River, circumnavigated Gary Island Park in the Columbia River, and then took out downstream at Chinook Landing. A big thanks to trip organizer Mary Ann Jordens.

Drift Creek

Eight members of the LCCC ran Drift Creek in the Alsea River watershed (as opposed to Drift Creek in the Siletz River watershed) last Saturday. The trip was proposed by Seth O’Neal and his son Finn. Because it’s a remote run with a complicated shuttle, Kendall asked the WKCC if any members had run it recently. We hit the jackpot when veteran riverrunner Pat Welch answered and suggested he come along. Pat estimated he’s run Drift Creek 20 times in the last 25 years. The creek runs through the Drift Creek Wilderness Area and its temperate rainforest full of moss-covered trees. Level was ~700 cfs.

Owyhee: Rome to Birch Creek

This is a video of some LCCC paddlers and former LCCC paddlers on a non-club trip on the Owyhee River at 1600 cfs. LCCC members included Bill Jordens, Bets Stover, John Murphy, Kendall Springer, Audrey Bergsma, and Mark Scantlebury. Also on the trip Brent and Tyrae Mahan.

LCCC and Beavers Paddle Molalla and Bull Run/Sandy

LCCC members had a blast paddling with the Beaver Canoe Club (Vancouver, BC) on some of our local runs April 14-16. This video shows runs of the Molalla (Table Rock Confluence/Bridge) to Turner Bridge and Bull Run/Sandy River). Molalla was running 1550 cfs and steady. Bull Run was about 800 cfs. Sandy was about 3,000 cfs.