Owyhee: Rome to Birch Creek

This is a video of some LCCC paddlers and former LCCC paddlers on a non-club trip on the Owyhee River at 1600 cfs. LCCC members included Bill Jordens, Bets Stover, John Murphy, Kendall Springer, Audrey Bergsma, and Mark Scantlebury. Also on the trip Brent and Tyrae Mahan.

LCCC and Beavers Paddle Molalla and Bull Run/Sandy

LCCC members had a blast paddling with the Beaver Canoe Club (Vancouver, BC) on some of our local runs April 14-16. This video shows runs of the Molalla (Table Rock Confluence/Bridge) to Turner Bridge and Bull Run/Sandy River). Molalla was running 1550 cfs and steady. Bull Run was about 800 cfs. Sandy was about 3,000 cfs.

LCCC Sweetheart Paddle 2017

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, members paddled the Nehalem River starting in Vernonia. A big thanks for Mary Ann Jordens for organizing the event, ensuring great weather, and providing delicious treats at lunch.

No Holding Back on the White Salmon

Club members in kayaks, canoes and IKs run this Northwest classic and show that where there are holes, there will sometimes be carnage–or at least flips. Also, the first Covert canoe in Oregon surfaces for a second run, piloted by Audrey Bergsma.

A Covert Operation

This video of a run on the Clackamas by 6 LCCC members includes clips of the new Silverbirch Covert canoe. Made in the UK, this polyethylene canoe adds a new competitor to the Esquif and Blackfly PE canoes. The Covert is the blue canoe.

Bumpin’ Down the Clackamas

A sizeable LCCC group runs from Roaring River Rapid to Moore Creek at 900 cfs. Notable events include Greg Davenport experimenting with hand paddles and Denny Egner doing his once-a-year canoe paddle.